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For many, choosing the right financial plan can be a daunting task. Questions like, “how do we start?”, “Which company do we choose?”, “What types of covers to take up?”, and “How much cover do we really need?” are the usual factors needed to consider.

This is where EKSON Financial Services can help.

Getting financial advice helps protect you from any unforeseen and unfortunate events that prevent you from providing for your family. Whatever stage in your life you are in, whether you are starting a business, starting a family or getting close to retirement, we can help arrange a plan for you.

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Life is uncertain that passing or leaving your loved ones is inevitable. That is why securing your family’s future today is more important than ever. Family always comes first so, don’t delay and contact us today!



Also known as critical illness insurance, Trauma cover provides extra financial support when life-threatening diseases such as the Big C and Heart problems strike. According to the Ministry of Health in 2018, heart diseases and cancers are among the major causes of death in New Zealand. Call us and let’s talk about how we can be of help!



This monthly income benefit provides you a portion of your lost income while undergoing treatment and recovery which keeps you from earning your regular income. Don’t let your sickness and injury cripple you and your family’s daily lifestyle. Get income protection today!

Customer review

Hi! I'm Belen Fajardo, 45 years of age. Last January 2019, I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ or DCIS in my right breast. When I heard that sad news, I was so scared to think that I have only a 9-year old son. When I came home, the first thing I did is to contact my insurance adviser, Mr. Eddie Katigbak of Partners Life Insurance if possible I have a trauma claim and Mr. Katigbak helped me through out from the claim form until my claim was approved. Partners life insurance is a big help for my financial since I can't work full time for many months. I'm so happy that I am a member of Partners Life Insurance, claim assessments group and to my insurance adviser Mr. Eddit Katigbak. Thank you so much!
Belen Fajardo




"Becoming a financial adviser has been the most rewarding step I've made in my life as I get to meet new people on a regular basis and get a chance to help them at their time of need."

Eddie has been in the finance industry since 2003 and has worked for major banks and different insurance companies in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. It was in 2015 when he started out on his own as an independent advisor and later created his own financial consulting firm, EKSON FINANCIAL SERVICES, in 2017. His passion for helping people (and caring for the environment too!) drove him to where he is today. A reliable and compassionate person, with strong advocacy to educate every individual financially, so that no one will ever suffer and struggle when the worst and unforeseen incidents emerge.


"It is my goal to provide you with expert advice about insurance across all leading providers. I will take the time to understand you and your family's goals, be there to help you, guide you, come up to a conclusion that the decision which you have made would be the best protection possible for you and your loved ones. Associated with EKSON, We want to give you the peace of mind, knowing that you are ready and prepared for the worst times. We want the insurance company to do the heavy lifting (financially) for you and want your family not to worry about money in the time of grief."

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